Preventive Health

Nancy Rondone,  CI, CCII, CHNC

       Comprehensive Certified  Iridologist 

                Certified IIPA Instructor for Level l and Level ll  Iridology Course

sanctioned with

 IIPA, International Iridology Practitioners Association

      Certified  Health, Nutrition Counselor      

Herbal and Muscle Testing

 Courses and Classes  in Health and Wellness 


   New Eden School of Natural Healing


Surrounded By The Best Ladies in the field. Research from around the globe.

From left to right

Toni Miller, Myself, Ellen Tart Jensen, Betty S. O'Brian

Amazing Renown Women 

Dedicated, Honest & Caring 

Especially grateful to Ellen who was my teacher and mentor who also paved the way for all of us  by carrying the torch that Dr. Bernard Jensen passed down to her to continue keeping this unique and fascinating but not noticed enough field of Iridology alive.   Bernard Jensen was considered the Father of Iridology who brought Iridology over into the United States.

Toni Miller is a true pioneer in the research and advancement of Iridology.

Betty Sue O'Brian has captured the essence and teachings of Iridology.

I give most of the credit to this sought out web-sight of mine to them,

 and I thank all of them for their devotion to Iridology.


The Purpose Of Iridology


The purpose of Iridology Life is to show people the benefits of

 personalized health awareness.       

  To enlighten people with the knowledge of Iridology 

               To understand  what their eyes reveal about their health.  

             To offer information about options that are historically known
             to be beneficial to stay well with preventive Health options 


To teach  Comprehensive Iridology  Course on level 1 and level 11


Nancy's Biography

Biography (docx)



Quote   “Your body is your shrine, your sanctuary, the vehicle that carries your soul on the journey we call life”. God created the human body with a whole set of integrated systems, and filled the earth with everything necessary for those systems to function and for us to survive. 

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it. Psalm 139:14"