In Person or Online Iridology Session

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 The iris reveals the efficiency of various zones, such as the nutritive, (stomach, bowels, liver, gallbladder, pancreas), the four defensive channels of elimination ( the lungs, urinary tract, bowels and skin ). The humoral or body fluids (blood and lymph) the muscular, skeletal, glandular and respiratory systems.  

 The Iris provides a wealth of useful information to help you understand your interior world and help transform and improve your current state of health and well-being on many levels.  Iridology is a noninvasive, painless, inexpensive, assessment tool . Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset ! Iridology reveals physical traits that we inherit, and the impact our lifestyle has on our physical health. An Iridologist explores areas within the body that are strong and areas of potential deficiencies through the levels of inflammation, acidity, congested lymph, and toxicity in the body and also the efficiency of the eliminatory organ 



Introductory Iridology Report

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Email your Iris pictures and receive an  Iris  constitutional  introductory report on color  Or physical integrity . This will be sent back to you via email within 3 days. Send your iris photos in  to: 

you are a perfect reflection


Family Tree

I can collect up to 3 generations and put them into a family tree format to see  the genetics, similarities, differences, and patterns of nurture point. 

Our eyes are a reflection of 3 generations before us.

 Our eyes are a reflection of the physical, mental and  emotional issues of the three generations before us. 

The color, structure, markings  and pattern of your iris is a reflection of the three generations before you.  Whether you develop your predispositions to the best or worst case scenario  depends on the way you:

EAT, Drink, Think, Live, and Love 

A predisposition does not necessarily mean a problem - only a potential there to.  We can view these areas as nurture points.

$35 per person up to 3 generations. Grandparents, Parents, and Children, 5 person min

Its a fun family time  together comparing who received  the blueprint that we were given in life  through our genetics and lifestyle and how to take care of the nurture points