Iridology Course lEVEL i

Class is the 3rd week of every Month online or in-person.

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  IIPA International Iridology Practitioners Association Syllabus for Course

  • Introduction to Iridology,.  History of Iridology
  • Iris Positions.  Iris zones as they relate to Bodily functions
  • Iris Chart/Reaction Fields.  
  • The Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye as it is related to Iridology
  • Rating Constitution.  Iris signs - Definitions
  • Iridology Terms.  Ways the eyes change
  • Demonstration of the use of a magnifying glass and light
  • How to do an Iris Analysis.  Iris Photography
  • Constitutional Sub-types by color - Genetic and Nutritional Shading = Reaction
  • Lipemic Diatheses - A Corneal Sign, Not an Iris sign
  • Constitutional Subtypes by Structure
  • Density = Resistance or Resilience - the body's ability to resist disease


Iridology Course: Level II

Class is the last week of every month online or in-person.

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  • Pigments and Pigment Irregularities 
  • Lacuna Types.  Pupil Tonus.  Collarette Signs
  • Contraction Furrow Signs.  Sclera Signs
  • Using the Iris Evaluation Form.  History Intake Form
  • Doing a Complete Iris Session.  Practice Iris Session
  • Do Ten Iris Evaluations and  a case history 
  • Review how to study for the IIPA Certification Examination

                                    and  become a Successful Iridologist 

Things needed for level I & II class


Workbook $65.00

The workbook will compliment the powerpoint  for Level l and Level ll Course

You will need to bring to class a 10x Magnifier  & pen light -   Yellow Marker  -   Notepad  & Pen.

Included with class will be a one year membership to IIPA.


Iridology Course Deposit

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 Please register with a deposit of $150  to reserve your seat  

one month prior to starting your course .


Workshop For Your Interest Only

 Learn to look at your own eyes and the eyes of your family or friends. With this introduction into Iridology you will be able to help them with their nutritional needs and health, by understanding the Basics in Iridology



Review For IIPA Test

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This  is to review  the IIPA Seminar.  Optional, only if you feel you need to refresh yourself before your test with to become certified with IIPA

 ( International Iridology Practitioners Association )